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In early 2019 I decided I was ready to switch careers into software engineering and thought the best way was to attend a bootcamp. When I researched, there were online options but I really wanted something in-person, the options that came up were:

  • Academy Xi
  • Coder Academy (CA)
  • General Assembly (GA)
  • Le Wagon

Academy Xi didn’t have a software engineering course so they were automatically out.

Le Wagon was still fairly new in Melbourne. I didn’t have confidence that the 8 week course would be enough time. I talked to people who were graduating who didn’t seem to do it…

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Wanting to go to a company that had strong mentoring was what my bootcamp cohort and I all had in common in our job search.

Which is incredibly hard to find.

Here’s a list of the programs, where mentorship is built in. With added information on when applications open, when it starts, length, who it’s for, and what it is.

There’s some missing information here and overtime things will get out of date but I found myself always listing off the companies to people and thought it was high time for a post about it.

Eventually I would love to…

Ranked in order of the books that I most enjoyed/were the most impactful to least.

2020 book highlights include the longest book I’ve ever read (1Q84), more fiction, more diverse authors, antiracism and a personal call out for recommendations for better writers in tech, PLEASE.

  1. 1Q84 — Haruki Murakami | The escapism I needed. This was my first time reading Murakami and it was an experience. I loved it and I appreciated that it quelled my romanticism of communes/cults. (jk, kinda)
  2. The New Jim Crow — Michelle Alexander | I wish I would have read this in 2010 but better…

This is part two of the tutorial I wrote Building RESTful APIs with Node.js and Express now we’re going to cover the frontend of our MERN with React and complete our app! Get. ex. cited.

  • M — MongoDB ✅
  • E — Express ✅
  • R — React ✅
  • N — Node.js ✅

Again this was inspired and heavily sourced from Emmanuel Henri but this time I referenced his MERN Essential Training on LinkedIn Learning.

Just want to emphasis that you will not be able to use this tutorial without building the backend first so start here!

What it will look like:

UI of the MERN app

A code along I wish I had…

This tutorial is highly referenced from Emmanuel Henri’s LinkedIn Learning tutorial released 11/5/2019.

It took me a long time to find a resource to help me on my journey of building a MERN stack app and this checks a lot of boxes:

  • M — MongoDB ✅
  • E — Express ✅
  • R — React
  • N — Node.js ✅

See this post for MERN Part II: Building the frontend of a RESTful API with React

Video code-alongs can be great. Until you don’t have whatever piece of technology they have and can’t get for whatever reason. Or you have to download exercise…

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When I first learned how to use Git add, commit and push it was in the terminal.

I would see people use VS Code for Git sometimes, when I googled it, the sources were confusing and I just needed something simple. It wasn’t until I started pair-programming at work that I saw how the VS Code interface compared to using Git commands.

You can read more about Basic Git commands on Atlassian but I thought it would be helpful to show the 3 commands that I use everyday and how those translated from the Command-line/terminal to VS Code.

Add a…

I wanted to know! And I couldn’t find any information out there. I went from doing casual to serious self-study in 6 months then tried to research what a bootcamp offered. I wanted to know what my days were going to be like but couldn’t find anything substantial.

Now that I’ve experienced it, I thought I would outline how the hours, days and weeks are structured to give others an idea. I completed the 12-week Software Engineering Immersive at General Assembly Melbourne in December 2019.

I took this picture on my first day of class in front of General Assembly’s office……. I swear I was actually excited! :)

Before the bootcamp started we were sent 50 hours of prep work, which was really…

This is for people interested in what a post-sotware engineering bootcamp job search may look like.

TL;DR — Job boards suck, spend your time networking.

If you’re like:

I’ll get to that a little later…

The offer

I was offered a Developer position at Vanguard on April 8th. It was because I went to a Women Who Code Melbourne GoLang meetup that Vanguard was hosting. During the event employees from Vanguard repeatedly suggested for people to approach them if they were interested in working there. Which I did, and the rest is history.

But how did I know about this meetup? Well…

I didn’t know what I was getting myself into….

Those were happy days. Although the bank balance app did give me a run for my money (pun intended).

I still stand behind the design concept… I don’t stand behind the code. And if I’m being honest, I’m scared to revisit this project. Let’s just say it’s a good example to show “how far I’ve come” haha.

Working with API’s was really rewarding. I still don’t quite understand why people give it away for free…

Now this is where I started to feel like I could…

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